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Helix Broadhead

Could your broadhead do this? The HELIX did!

Split Muley Bones

Front leg bones from Tim's mule deer pictured right.Tim's WY Muley

Superior Accuracy

Compounds or Traditional, nothing out performs the HELIX. It stabilizes your arrow flight because it forces the arrow to rotate from the front in harmony with the fletch.

Killer Penetration

When the HELIX hits it just keeps on rotating for deeper penetration and awesome bloodtrails. It opens a wide swath that stays open.



See below for more examples of Helix performance...


Dear Tim,

I just wanted to send this email as a testimony to how incredible your Helix 125gr broadheads performed on my bison hunt this weekend. I took down a 10-11 yoa 2200lb bison with three arrows all tipped with the Helix 125gr broadhead. My first shot broadside from 56 yards was a complete pass through of the bison. My second shot was a 45 yard quartering away shot that entered the bison's left side went through both lungs at an angle and buried into the right shoulder where it caused the bone to crack. My third and final shot was from 20 yards broadside with a complete pass through. The bison only went approximately 250 yards from the first shot to where he finally went to the ground. All broadheads recovered were still scary sharp with absolutely zero damage or deformation. After dressing the buffalo we discovered that one of my broadside shots hit a massive rib upon entering the bison's body cavity but just split and broke the bone before continuing all the way through and back out of the animal. Truly impressive. Thanks again for ming an incredible product. Here are a few photos of my bison. Thanks again.

Tommy Prumer
Lubbock, TX.

BJ Holdsworth
Bobby Gray
Caroline Pruitt
Brad Lewis
Carol Watson

Rick Bohl




Just wanted to let you know that the Helix did the job for me again! I had total pass through with a 125 grain head and the buck went less than 25 yards.

Thanks for developing the best flying, best performing broadhead on the market today!!

Caroline Pruitt


Carol Watson







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For Compound and Traditional Shooters
right wing only
1 & 1/8 inch
left or right wing
1 & 3/16 inch
right wing
1 & 5/16 inch
right wing
1 & 5/16 inch
left or right wing
1 & 5/16 inch
right wing
1 & 5/16 inch
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